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CodeCase Software modernizes your existing IT system.

Modernize the code and the architecture (migration and refactoring)

To transform your IT Sytem, we do much more than read and translate your code...
CodeCase Software uses a unique technology to extract your algorithms.
It help us to understand then dramatically simplify your IT System.
Our CodeCase Suite generates your existing code into a new one with a high automatisation ratio.
Your IT System is simpler, easier to maintain and more agile.

A service with the help of our CodeCase Suite.

Following our Audit & Gap Analysis, we can offer our clients a service with the help of our CodeCase Suite (Understanding - Simplifying - Building).
This service aims to :
> Refactor your IT system / an application,
> Migrate your IT system from one technology to another.
CodeCase Software modernizes your IT System with a high quality of architecture and code.
All of our recommendations are based on CodeCase - our innovative technology - which allows a very high ratio of automation of tasks.
This automation speeds up project implementation and can significantly reduce your budget.
CodeCase certified experts guarantee the quality of this service.
Our best in class approach allows us to drive safe, qualitative & cost effective IT modernization projects.

By modernizing your system, we erase your technical debt and simplify your IT system.

With a simplified IT system, more agile and less expensive to maintain, you can adapt more rapidly, reduce total cost of your ownership and improve your Time to market.

A simplified IT system is the best way to let you focus on hot topics such as driving business growth, designing the digital business, or exploiting analytics and big data etc.

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CodeCase migrates a multi-technology application

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