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The most-in depth audit of the market!

Based on our innovative technology and our unique approach, Codecase Software offers a Service with the help of CodeCase Suite for Audits and Gap Analysis.
Our innovative Technology - CodeCase - not only reads and analyzes part of your code: it carefully examines it, as a whole.
It doesn’t stop there.
CodeCase automatically extracts the algorithm of your code (Multi-languages & Cross-languages).
It allows a visualization of every type of language (C#, Delphi, Java, VBA, VB, C++, Cobol, Fortran, C, VB6, etc) no matter the type of code: 
. Complex code
. Indebted code
. Multi-language code
. Voluminous code
. Legacy code
This greatly facilitates:
. corrective maintenance
. upgrading
Put simply, our service with the help of CodeCase Suite (Understanding - Simplifying - Building) offer the most extensive audit of your IT system available on the market.
This includes:
1 - Inheritance class diagram.
2 - Similar code : Class/Method/Database level.
3 - Testing coverage.
4 - Database access.
5 - Dead code candidate.
6 - Internal complexity :   Comp/Class/Database/Method level.
7 - Third party dependencies :   Class/Comp level.
8 - Circular references :  Class/Comp level.
9 - Algorithms navigable maps :  Class /Activity level.
This unique approach allows better analysis reports and more precise mapping in order to modernize your IT system in the best conditions.

Specific Recommendations and Roadmap for modernization!

Thanks to our in depth audit, CodeCase Software offers the best solutions for modernizing your IT system in line with your target model.
CodeCase Software provides you with specific recommendations and a detailed action plan/roadmap for modernization which includes:
. An analysis of existing IT system
. A Quick Win list in order to rapidly solve a number of problems for minimum costs
. A detailed action plan in order to significantly improve your code by eliminating your technical debt
. A focus on the key challenges of the transformation project
. A precise budget
. A workload estimate on your side for the project
. (…)
All of our recommendations are based on CodeCase - our innovative technology - which allows a very high ratio of automation of tasks.
This automation speeds up project implementation and can significantly reduce your budget.
CodeCase certified experts guarantee the quality of this service.

You are able to easily understand and improve the quality, cost and compliance of your business applications especially though a major technical debt eradication.

Your organization has the capability to take the right decision to modernize its IT System.

You have all the information to assure a safe, qualitative & cost effective modernization IT project.

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