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Migration plan in a very short timeline.

The Challenge

The Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (DGFiP)  is a French administration that depends on the Ministry of Economy and Finance. 
It takes care of the management of public finance in France, both spending and revenue. 

DGFiP contacted CodeCase Software and asked us to help them study the feasibility and define the roadmap of a modernisation projet for an application that manage the bailiff activities for the taxpayers. 

This application uses VB6 technologies, Access and Crystal Report and the migration target is Java with a dedicated DGFIP Lombok Framework (Spring Flow, Spring, Custom presentation layer based on Spring MVC).

Our Solution

This project were lead by analysing the VB6 source code, the database and the Crystal Report component.

Thanks to our tools, we generated reports automatically and had a quick and deep overview of the application activity and code metrics (quality, complexity, testability, dependencies, etc.).

About Crystal reports, as the source code were no available, we conclued that the reports had to be completely rewrite in Java.
Thanks to our know-how in migration projects, we defined a precise roadmap of the migration project and a precise workload.

Success Factor

The CodeCase tool made it possible to produce a migration plan of the application in a very short timeline (4 weeks) and enable our client DGFIP decide which modernisation project to lead. 

About the Project

VB6/Access application
120 000 LoC

1 month project
Understanding reports and a migration plan were produced.

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