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A full analysis of a trade capture application.

The Challenge

Our client is one of the world’s seven “supermajor” oil and gas companies. 
CodeCase Software were instructed by the oil trading division to perform a full analysis of their trade capture application and to design a refactoring plan of the application in order to reduce its technical debt.

The ultimate objective was to regain full control of the application and to stop suffering from its technical debt.

Our Solution

We led this project in 2 steps following our Business Logic-Driven approach:

1. Mapping of the entire code base to identify the key technical challenges and extraction of the whole business logic in UML Format.

2. An interactive documentation was automatically delivered. 

Success Factor

The motivation of the client’s team and their enthusiasm about regaining control of their application was a key success factor. 
Training of new staff members and ability to get up to speed was drastically improved. The client gained a thorough understanding of their workflow. 

About the Project

Java application.
225 000LoC.

A 3 weeks project resulting in a thorough understanding of the application’s behaviour.

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