Case studies

A gap analysis for a global banking and financial services company.

The Challenge

Our client is a global banking and financial services company and one of the largest foreign exchange dealers worldwide.
CodeCase Software is working with the Investment banking division. 
The Transaction Workflow of the Global Swaps Reporting application is the real time module processing swaps trades of all asset classes.

Our client asked us to perform an audit and to design a plan to increase the unit test coverage of the codebase as well as design a refactoring strategy to merge two phases of a regulatory project.

Our Solution

The project consisted of performing a Gap Analysis: the team used the CodeCase tool suite to analyse the full codebase and to produce the understanding reports and diagrams.

Based upon these outcomes CodeCase team was then able to design an action plan focusing on : 
- The automated refactoring of the codebase to increase its quality and reduce its size.
- The roadmap to achieve the automated generation of the unit tests and the merge of the two phases of the project.

About the Project

Java & SQL application
670 000 LoC

1.5 months  project.
A full complete map of the application, and a detailed roadmap for improving test coverage and refactoring the application.


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