Case studies

Modern C++ application.

The Challenge

HSBC Bank plc is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world.
It serves more than 47 million customers through four global businesses: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking,
Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking.

The PricingLib is an application responsible for modelling market data, configuring pricing models and providing prices for vanilla and exotic asset classes.
HSBC asked CodeCase to perform a full audit on the Pricing Lib codebase and to produce CodeCase reports to fully understand the behaviour of the application, and to design a refactoring plan of the application.
Intensive usage of modern C++ programming based on templates.

Our Solution

The understanding of the application algorithms was done by performing a complete automated analysis of the codebase, and by producing a fine interactive map of its internal logic.
The simplification of the algorithms by applying refactoring patterns led to the design of a precise and detailed roadmap to achieve the target defined by the client: decrease the technical debt of the application, decouple the application from Sophis and reduce the number of  entry points of the application.

Success Factor

The CodeCase tool made it possible to produce a full map of the application and to highlight the refactoring candidates. The CodeCaseagility allowed to enhance the tools to address the intensive use of pre-processor macro.

About the Project

Modern C++ application using Sophis software.
600 000 LoC.

2 months project.
Understanding reports and diagram.
A detailed action plan for the refactoring of the application and the  decoupling from Sophis.

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