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CodeCase migrates an application from C++/C# to C#

The Challenge

SGCIB is the investment banking arm of the Société Générale group, a French multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Paris.
It is present in the main financial markets with extensive European coverage, and it delivers worldwide expertise in investment banking, global finance and global markets.

January 2014 : Our client had a 750 000 lines of code application written in C++ and C#. This application is real-time and high-traffic.
The client wanted to reduce maintenance costs and improve ability to add functionalities by harmonising the technologies in C#.

Société Générale approached CodeCase to migrate the C++ components to C#.

Our Solution

We led this project in 4 steps following our Business Logic-Driven approach:
  1. Gap Analysis: mapping the entire code base to identify the key technical challenges. We extracted the business logic, and delivered a precise roadmap of the migration project. 
 2. Model Refactoring:  refactoring the business logic.
 3. Code Generation: CodeCase delivered the new code following the targeted architecture and the best practices.
 4. Testing and documentation: CodeCase co-led the different testing phases with the client. An interactive documentation was automatically delivered.

Success Factor

The use of CodeCase tools and  the close collaboration with the client’s team allowed CodeCase to manage the project within the budget and a timeframe that would not have been possible by following a standard approach. 

About the Project

C++ application.
750 000 LoC.

A refactored and migrated code in C# with CodeCase automation tools.
65% saving ($) compared to the client's initial estimate.

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