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CodeCase migrates a multi-technology application

The Challenge

TF1 is a private national French TV channel in France and is considered to be the most viewed television channel in Europe.
Our client, TF1 Publicité is the advertising department of TF1.

TF1 Publicité was experiencing maintenance and performance issues with its multi-languages advertising trade platform application (a set of C++ modules, VB6 and COM components).

Our client decided to migrate the application into a more modern technology as well as shifting to a new design: a service oriented application developed in C#.NET with WFC services.  

One of the key objectives was to move to an optimised multithread services architecture. 

Our Solution

Our approach can be broken down in four steps:
1. The understanding of the application algorithms by performing a complete automated analysis of the codebase and by producing a precise interactive map of its internal logic.
2. The simplification of the algorithms by applying refactoring patterns. 
3. The automated build of the C#.NET codebase compliant with TF1 Publicité development standards in term of design and coding best practices.
4. The collaboration with TF1 Publicté to produce documentation,  execute tests and to ensure the iso-functionality of the revamped application.

Success Factor

The use of CodeCase Tool suite led to a project executed in only 3 months by automating more than 75% of the migration tasks, and producing a C# codebase compliant with industry best practices

About the Project

Mixed C++/VB6 to C#.NET migration.

430 programs.
160 000 LoC.

3month C++ to C# migration project.
Application ranked B SQUALE.
Codebase size divided by 5.
Performance increase by 75%.

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